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About Us


In 2000 several of our Management Committee were involved in running youth sailing events across the UK. No matter the location one thing was the same; the challenging in recruiting qualified, experienced and reliable volunteers to form the event safety team. 

The challenge was so great that it was decided to set up Northern Exposure Rescue to give event organisers what they needed.

Northern Exposure Rescue started up initially as a constituted sports club but after advice from our friends at the Royal Yachting Association we became a registered charity in 2008. 

How did it all start?

Strength to Strength


We were in great demand and whilst initially we supported dinghy sailing events, we quickly moved to yacht racing, rowing, kite surfing, barge racing and open water swimming events. 

As one of our trustees was London based we supported lots of events on the River Thames in our formative years. By 2005 we were supporting the Great River Race and in 2007 we were asked to provide not only safety boats and volunteers but the whole event safety.


By 2012 we had volunteers out nearly every weekend supporting events around the country. Some times we were supporting three events in three different locations so it quickly became evident that we needed additional equipment and volunteers to cope with the demand.

Thanks to support from The National Lottery, Trinity House Corporate Charity, Thames Water and Sport England we now have three ribs and a tow truck to help us meet that demand but it is always growing.

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How does it work?

We operate on a not for profit basis so we ask event organisers to cover the costs of us attending.


This normally includes vehicle fuel, boat fuel, volunteer snacks and first aid equipment if we use anything. At longer events this might mean overnight accommodation as well but we always agree what we need to be reimbursed for upfront so there are no unexpected costs. 

If you would like Northern Exposure Rescue to support your event please click on the Event Support tab in the menu bar.

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